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Kasidie has been around for many years and positions

itself as a trustworthy dating site where users can find a partner for a few nights that would be full of passionate and good sex. What a coincidence that in the modern world, more and more people are giving up on finding relationships and seem to prefer short adventures to walking down the aisle. However, they are still difficult, and even a one-night stand must be good.

But is the Kasidie site as good as they say it is?

Do the users seem to be people who can bring you fun and an exceptional NSA relationship experience? We have tried our best and offered you our in-depth investigation on Kasidie dating site. We would like to believe that after reading this review, you will have a complete picture of Kasidie and will be ready to make a decision on whether this site is right for you.

Kasidie in a few sentences

We’ve already mentioned that Kasidie says they are the community of open-minded people who crave relationships with the NSA. But we neglected to note that this site is designed to meet all the requirements of swingers. It should be added that on the website, the swing is presented in different ways. You can be a member who is actively looking for a partner or simply an observer who observes everything that happens, and one day is ready to dive into the world of pleasure.

Once you decide to do so, a large user base, swing parties and other lewd events will open their doors to you.

Site Members
Kasidie has grown in popularity since its launch in 2006 and

now has about 25 million users worldwide. They are both couples and singles. Naturally, the majority of active users are based in the United States. In addition, many members come from Europe and other countries. It was good to discover that the site offers individual plans or discounts for users from particular countries or regions to encourage them to join the platform.

But no matter what country people are from, there are still more women than men. According to the latest data, the ratio is 56% to 44%.

What we also liked about Kasidie,

and believe is their great asset, is that all sexual orientations are free to express their desires here and can find a partner whether they are straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.

The users of the site are mostly in their thirties. They are people who discovered Kasidie when only cable internet was available, and they are still loyal to the website.

Main features
Many other swingers dating sites have been created since the invention of the idea itself. But we did our little research and discovered that most of the features that other swinger communities currently have, Kasidie review had long before them. kasidie review

Date function. You can use this feature to let other people on the site know that you are at the meeting and having a little fling.

Using the sexometer, you can indicate on a scale of 1 to 5 how much you want to meet.

The travel feature works almost the same way. But if Rendezvous is created for national meetings, then Travel is supposed to connect swingers when they are away from home and looking for a new experience.

Listings of erotic and swinger events nearby and around the world. This allows you to become a sex tourist for a little while, as you can choose the event and go. Some people travel for concerts, others for swinger events.
Online store for sex toys and other sex related items, including lingerie. We can not ignore the fact that the variety of toys and other things is impressive.

From time to time, Kasidie offers its users discounts or special prices for shopping in its store.

Blogs and forums. is not only about sex and relationships, but also about the community of like-minded people. They are willing to communicate with each other, share health tips and even cooking recipes.

kasdie review


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